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"TMC Saved My Life…"

One patient's story

Photo of Roy Davis
Thanks to lifesaving cardiovascular treatments at Texoma Medical Center, Roy Davis is back to caring for the animals on his Oklahoma ranch.
It seemed like a normal day in March 2005. Oklahoma resident Roy Davis was doing what he loved -- feeding the livestock on his ranch in Hendrix.

But then he started sweating profusely. He felt cold and clammy. Davis had no previous history of heart disease, but he realized he might be having a heart attack. He had his son-in-law drive him to Texoma Medical Center.

It turned out that Davis, who was just 59 at the time, was in the midst of a massive heart attack upon arrival.

"I wouldn't have gone anywhere else," Davis says. "Many of my family members have been treated at TMC , and they all had great experiences. If I was going to bet my life on a hospital in this area, it was going to be this one."

His heart stopped beating twice while staff members assessed his condition. Physicians implanted a temporary pacemaker to regulate Davis' heart rate and used a balloon pump to direct more blood to his heart.

"Then, once he was stabilized, we used a stent to open a blood vessel that was completely blocked," says Srinivasa Reddy, MD , FACC , a cardiologist at the Texoma Heart Center and a member of Texoma Heart Group. "If Mr. Davis had gone to a hospital that didn't offer interventional procedures, he may not have survived a transfer to another facility."

Davis, who spent his life as an educator, is now retired. He's quit smoking and improved his diet to help avoid future heart problems. He says he feels well and can travel and do other activities he enjoys -- as long as he paces himself.

"I'm very grateful that the staff at TMC saved my life," Davis says. "There's no doubt in my mind that TMC is the greatest facility between Dallas and Oklahoma City."

Learn more about cardiovascular care at TMC at www.texomamedical center.net. Just click on Texoma Heart Center under Centers of Excellence.